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I'm secretly Cassandra Cain aka Blackbat disguising herself as a PhD student with dreams of making a positive contribution in the battle against cancer.

I'm a researcher, writer, somewhat graphics-maker, dog-lover, and keyboard-smashing fan of DC Comics and the Avatar universe. Here are 3 other things you should know about me: I'm still upset over Young Justice being cancelled, I wish I was part of the Batfam, and Mako is my pouty firebending hot boy v2.0.

“Um, hey Dad, I’d like you to meet my um, yeah…”

Artemis squeezed Kaldur’s hand and choppily gestured towards Black Manta. Sportsmaster didn’t even glance once at his daughter and her fiancé. His beady brown eyes remained pinned on Manta, and a suffocating fog of silence filled the room.

Manta narrowed his eyes.

Sportsmaster did the same.

And they just glared silently at each other for all eternity’s worth.

It was awkward.

Very awkward.

Like, skin-crawling-awkward.

And somewhere in the back recesses of Sportsmaster’s mind, he muffled his internal twitching and screaming by wondering where the heck he went wrong with his two daughters. 

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