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So Black Manta has me thinking about good vs. evil

Black Manta is part of The Light, an organization with devious plans of hurting others and world domination. Vandal Savage stated it quite clearly: He wanted to rid the world of superheroes and let “natural selection” play the choosing force between mankind’s survival and death.

However, Black Manta truly cares about his son. I thought his adoration was merely a transcription of how much he needed another ally, but after his tender reaction in “The Fix” when he heard Kaldur’s first words after “waking” from a coma, I have no doubt Manta’s fatherly love is real. 

Does that still make him completely evil? What about the parents who are doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers—those who contribute positively to society—but abuse and neglect their children? Are they still considered “good”?

How much can we weigh a parent and child’s love for each other in the scale of good vs. evil? 

I’m not sure what the point of all this was. Maybe just some brain fodder…

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