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I'm secretly Cassandra Cain aka Black Bat disguising herself as a Cancer Biology PhD student.

I'm a researcher, writer, somewhat graphics-maker, dog-lover, and keyboard-smashing fan of DC Comics and the Avatar universe. Here are 3 other things you should know about me: I'm still upset over Young Justice being cancelled, I wish I was part of the Batfam, and Mako is my pouty firebending hot boy v2.0.

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I’ve wanted to leave for awhile anyway, you’ve seen me talking about it, it didn’t have much to do with the Wally/Artemis/Rob stuff at all. Yeah, I raged about it, big whoop, that’s nothing new, but I didn’t leave because of it.

Oh okay. Thanks for clearing that up. Well, you know we’re all still here for you okay? 

    1. fuckyeahartemiscrock said: I guess, but it’s enlightening seeing what you guys really think of me. I can’t say that didn’t sting a little. I may be pretty solid with my OTP, but I wouldn’t leave because other people were shipping something and didn’t enjoy it on my dash.
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