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When I'm not busy researching cancer by day or fighting crime by night, you can find me blogging about DC Comics, usually Young Justice and the Batfam. My main OTPs are Spitfire, Longshot, Cheshiroy, JasCas, Museumheist, and RobRae. but I'm mostly a lover, not a fighter (unless it's against crime). And then there's the writing, the graphic editing, and the beating-Steph-at-roof-top-tag-ing. You know, normal superheroine stuff. So feel free to stick around, check out the tags and some of my creations, and remember: I don't kill, but I don't lose either.
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fuckyeahartemiscrock replied to your post: annicaspoons replied to your post: ranty left…

Well thank you guys for talking about me like that. That made me feel real nice. =-/

Caelie, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. I mean, it was something really offensive that someone in the fandom said to you personally, I would have had a word with them. 

We’re not saying anything mean about you. I’m just trying to understand why you would leave us, because when I found out it was a real damper on my mood. 

But really, no ill feelings meant. You know Shifu cares about you <3 However, I do apologize if it comes off like that and I will stop. 

    1. fuckyeahartemiscrock said: I’ve wanted to leave for awhile anyway, you’ve seen me talking about it, it didn’t have much to do with the Wally/Artemis/Rob stuff at all. Yeah, I raged about it, big whoop, that’s nothing new, but I didn’t leave because of it.
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