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When I'm not busy researching cancer by day or fighting crime by night, you can find me mostly blogging about DC Comics, usually Young Justice, the Batfam and CW Arrow and The Flash. Also there's massive sprinklings of fancy dresses and Avatar stuff (Mako u turd stop being so beautiful). My main OTPs are Spitfire, Longshot, Cheshiroy, JasCas, Museumheist, and RobRae, but I'm mostly a lover, not a fighter (unless it's against crime).
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I should not be having this much fun ordering office supplies for the lab

I’m so tempted to order everything in rainbow colors…

    1. justkeepingithalal said: With the end of the year fund for coalition, i went on a flippin shopping spree for office supplies…i had quite a lot of money to spend, and didn’t want michael crow to take back a cent of it, I DAMN WELL DID BY RAINBOW COLORED SHIT!
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