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When I'm not busy researching cancer by day or fighting crime by night, you can find me blogging about DC Comics, usually Young Justice and the Batfam. My main OTPs are Spitfire, Longshot, Cheshiroy and JasCas, but I'm mostly a lover, not a fighter (unless it's against crime). And then there's the writing, the graphic editing, the Damian-tickling, and the beating-Steph-at-roof-top-tag-ing. You know, normal superheroine stuff. So feel free to stick around, check out the tags and some of my creations, and remember: I don't kill, but I don't lose either.



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    Zuhair Murad - Fall Winter 2013 2014

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      animal D.C ~(0w0)~


        we did good work here, tonight.


          Zac Posen 2014 Resort Collection

            Anonymous asked "any advice on making bloated stomach area less bad?"

            Well, I’m not a medical specialist, but I can try my best!

            Firstly, it’ll help to know what’s causing the bloating feeling. Does it happen before/during your menstrual cycle? Or after you eat lactose-containing foods like ice-cream, milk, etc? Or maybe just after a big meal or when you eat gas-causing foods like beans, cabbage, or carbonated drinks?

            Once you’ve established the cause, it’ll be easy to reduce symptoms by cutting out foods that make your stomach feel bloated, or taking care to eat smaller meals, or exercising before getting your period. Also, avoid chewing gum, as that may cause you to swallow air. Eating smaller meals also helps, as well as losing weight if you think that’s an issue.

            Also, consult the internet. Google “bloated stomach” and see what advice pops up.

            If you can’t find the cause, and nothing helps to reduce symptoms, please talk to your doctor. This may be a symptom of a more serious underlying disease, like stomach ulcers or ovarian cancer.

            Best of luck, and I hope you feel better soon!

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              m’gann week redux → day 2: touch

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커미션 안내주소~ :
오 드디어 한글이 쳐진다 으우와아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ



                커미션 안내주소~ :

                오 드디어 한글이 쳐진다 으우와아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ


A really old file I found on my hard drive… Tim Drake in costume and civvies.


                  A really old file I found on my hard drive… Tim Drake in costume and civvies.

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was feeling blue so i tried to draw some kaldur to cheer up only he came out looking upset about something too :/


                      was feeling blue so i tried to draw some kaldur to cheer up only he came out looking upset about something too :/

                          fyeahlilbit3point0 asked "Why are you so amazing."

                          Lilbit you gotta stop talking to yourself in my inbox ok

                            Anonymous asked "(yay, drabble fun! different anon, btw.) Jason didn't like flowers. No, no. Not for the reason you think. [You know, that anti-feminist misogynist-douchepig-reason, ahem.] He was actually allergic to pollen. To be honest, he was pretty sure it bordered on life-threatening. Or, at least, reconnaissance threatening. Yeah, he could behead a mafia member any day, but pollen? Oh no---nope. Couldn't fight it, couldn't beat it, couldn't maim it. Now that was {the} enemy. Yet, he couldn't help but---"

                            remember that once upon a week and five hours ago, Cass had playfully nudged his elbow (also managing to nudge him off a building) smirking as she asked “flowers?” As he tumbled lopsidedly down the fire escape, he wasn’t sure if he was more afraid of her—-or the flowers that she proposed? Was she asking for flowers or was she going to try and kill him (again), but this time with a lethal daisy? One leg hanging off the railing, he clunked his head horizontally and let out a sigh. “Well, shit.”

                            The man who could master-mind five different interconnecting plots and time elevators down to the second depending on their make and model had forgotten about Valentine’s Day.

                            He knew Cass didn’t take holidays too seriously, having grown up without them and stuff, but he also knew how much she wanted to experience all of them, and experience them properly, and as #1 Boyfriend in the World, he had the responsibility of arranging a magic carpet ride to show her the world.

                            And he sooooo just fucked it up.

                            He quickly ran through all 52 options in his head. He could disappear and pounce a late night grocery store, or disarm all 16 alarms around the Wayne Manor and steal some of Alfred’s roses, or call in that favor from Poison Ivy and hope she doesn’t kill his girlfriend with some strange exotic poisonous plant.. In only a matter of seconds, he flipped through every single option like a deck of cards and decided he knew Cass enough—them enough—that there was only one viable option.

                            He climbed back up to where she stood waiting and bit the bullet immediately before his legs could give out.

                            "Aww, look Cass," he began, careful not to scratch the back of his head like he usually did when apologizing, "I kind of… sort of… completely?.. forgot today was Valentine’s Day but I will make it up to you I swear on Bruce’s stupid no-guns-policy and it will be—”

                            He was interrupted by Cass laughing and shoving something into his face and oh god are those flowers!? He held his breath, closed his eyes, and prepared himself for the onslaught of debilitating sneezes that would surely send him plummeting off the edge of the building again—

                            "I know you’re allergic, so I made you these."

                            Jason’s eyes popped open and he saw that the bouquet of colors was yes, indeed flowers, but with sharper and cuter features… and entirely made of paper.

                            He finally exhaled in relief and took the bundle of stems, absolutely speechless. He didn’t realize Cass was so…… artsy, and good at it too. He had to be holding at least two dozen perfect origami roses.

                            Cass watched him with a smile. “I was told giving is the best part of any holiday.”

                            Jason tapped the roses to his chest and chuckled to himself. He looked up and pulled Cass to him.

                            "Then I’m afraid you’ve been lied to, my dear," he countered. "You.. are the best part of any holiday.”

                            Yeah yeah… cue the cheese and the gagging… but what Jason lacked in a competent immune system that wouldn’t flip its shit when presented with harmless pollen, he made up for with having the most amazing badass, thoughtful, beautiful, and talented girlfriend.

                            Okay, now you can throw up.