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When I'm not busy researching cancer by day or fighting crime by night, you can find me mostly blogging about DC Comics, usually Young Justice, the Batfam and CW Arrow and The Flash. Also there's massive sprinklings of fancy dresses and Avatar stuff (Mako u turd stop being so beautiful). My main OTPs are Spitfire, Longshot, Cheshiroy, JasCas, Museumheist, and RobRae, but I'm mostly a lover, not a fighter (unless it's against crime).
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tlok meme | {5/5} characters: General Iroh II

tlok meme | {5/5} characters: General Iroh II

    Witchcraft (seriously, what did you use? I might have to use the same for my graphics lab at school).

    Clorox spray, lots of paper towels, and 15 minutes of good ol scrubbing

    My finger still hurts

      this is what i did this morning in lab and i think i just scored like 100 brownie points with my PI


        some pics of my supergirl cosplay from otakuthon! 


          hey everyone! so i recently made this blog to post my dc stuff seperately, but i wound up falling in love with the fandom and all of the people who have been nice enough to exchange headcanons, hook me up with comic download links, and recommend fics. i’ve never been in such a nice and accepting fandom, and i really wanted to do some something to show how happy i am to be here!!

          SO i decided to do a quick giveaway!! i made a few batfamily-inspired symbol pillows and posted pictures recently, and a surprising number of people have commissioned me for them. i figured people would probably like them even more if they were FREE!!!

          the winner of this giveaway can have ONE complex symbol pillow (shown: square robin and circle red robin) of their choosing or TWO simple symbol pillows (shown: red hood and nightwing) of their choosing. ANY symbols can be made upon request, even ones not pictured. :O


          • likes and reblogs count. go crazy!
          • one winner will be chosen 
          • must be following me!! this giveaway IS for my awesome followers, after all. 
          • free shipping to anyone in continental US. if you live elsewhere, you can still participate, but i’ll have to ask for you to send me a little bit of cash through paypal for shipping. (sorry sorry!!)
          • winner will be chosen august 30, 2014, one month from today by a random number generator! i’ll message the winner for confirmation before announcing that the giveaway’s over.

          that’s it!! feel free to message me if you have any questions. 
          have fun, and good luck! 

          (PS: if you’re interested in just buying a pillow, please check out my commissions post here and drop me an ask!!!)

            kazhloar asked "Waitaminute: I learnt basic science with mitose/meïose gamètes DNa ARN (RNA?) (it's late, I used the French words, sorry) but what is it about "quarduplexes" or "some form z shapes"? Inquiring minds want to know. (if that's not too much to ask, obviously. Please?)"

            Oh yeah sure!

            So we’re all familiar with the Watson and Crick model of DNA:


            But that’s not the only structure DNA can take. It’s the structure that the majority of DNA are in, but they can also be in these other structures: Z-DNA, A-DNA, B-DNA, and C-DNA:

            These structures form in the presence of certain ions or other conditions.

            DNA can also form these crazy things called G-quadruplexes (aka G-tetrads). They’re DNA rich in Guanine so are able to form this structure:

            And then depending on how many DNA strands there are, it can be tetrameric (4 strands), dimeric (2 strands), or monomeric (1 strand, as in the figure above). 

            Mind-blowing, huh? And I’m sure this is probably the 1st time a lot of you have heard of DNA being structured differently, because I definitely didn’t learn this until I took a graduate level Genetics course for fun a year ago. 

              Hamda Al Fahim fall 2012

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i laugh at this everytime


                  i laugh at this everytime

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i went through a spitfire phase when yj first came out


                    i went through a spitfire phase when yj first came out

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                            Stuff cut for time from the finale of Young Justice: Invasion, includes stuff like what happens to the Runaways (Static went home to his family, Arsenal wandered off by himself, and Asami moved in with Ty and his mother, his mum’s abusive boyfriend having left the picture) and the like.

                              People will stare. Make it worth their while → Naeem Khan prêt-à-porter | S/S ‘13

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