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I'm secretly Cassandra Cain aka Blackbat disguising herself as a PhD student with dreams of making a positive contribution in the battle against cancer.

I'm a researcher, writer, somewhat graphics-maker, dog-lover, and keyboard-smashing fan of DC Comics and the Avatar universe. Here are 3 other things you should know about me: I'm still upset over Young Justice being cancelled, I wish I was part of the Batfam, and Mako is my pouty firebending hot boy v2.0.



meanwhile, this week on gotham 

#darkness #no paRENTS



meanwhile, this week on gotham 

#darkness #no paRENTS

    the bf watches korra book 3 finale:

    "oh my god why is everyone sitting on that poor bb bison"

    "these combustion benders really need to work on their spatial awareness"

    "do you think magneto is a descendent of toph"

    "goddammit why is vaatu in this episode again i thought i was done with kite-shrimp"

    "i don’t think i’ve ever seen animation this good"

    "that ending was so ambiguous i don’t know what to think"

    "should i be sad or happy"

    "I feel sad"

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        Anonymous asked "Would you happen to know any sites or databases where I could find people's opinions of specific colleges? I've found one or two sites with reviews of schools, but at least one of them didn't seem very reliable, and the other didn't have very many schools or reviews on it."

        Not really :\ I never used them, at least. 

        But a quick Google searched pulled up these websites. I dug around them and found them to be pretty reliable/comprehensive

        The best way is to visit the campus and take a guided tour. That way you can see the buildings, get a feel of the atmosphere, and ask questions to a knowledgable student. If that’s not feasible, spend some time on the university’s website. Look at what it’s making the news for. See how big their campus is, where the dorms are, whether the pictures of the buildings look nice or not.. Oftentimes there are also videos that showcase daily student life, etc. 

        I hope this helps! Good luck on your road to college!


            NEW VIDEO!

            Bats: Wonders of the Night

            In this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart you’ll learn all about some BAT-ass flying mammals. 

            I live in Austin, TX, a city known for breakfast tacos, cowboy hipsters, live music, and BATS. Lots of bats. Yet, even after living in this city for years, I had no idea just how many bats called Central Texas home. That is, until I shot this video.

            Our backdrop for this episode, Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX, is a very special place. That cave is home the largest congregation of mammals on Earth, 20+ million Mexican free-tailed bats. In some areas of the cave, 200+ are hanging in a single square foot! At sunset, when they journey out to find dinner… well, it’s one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen (and heard). Their emergence lasts hours, flowing overhead like a river of wings, rushing by with the sound of a fluttering waterfall.

            The bats that live here can eat as many as 100 tons of insects in a single night! Exactly how they hunt is even cooler, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out more.

            You’ll also learn what bats eat, why they might be the most advanced flying hunters in nature, the incredible impact they have on ecosystems, and how we are threatening their future with disease and habitat loss. Oh, and poop. You’ll learn about bat poop.

            Special thanks to Bat Conservation International for their help making this video. They own the land around Bracken Cave, in order to protect this natural treasure for the future. Check out their website to learn how you can help protect these amazing animals.

            If you like the videos we’re making, please consider subscribing on YouTube, and share this one with your bat-loving friends :)

            oh thank goodness a) i’m not alone on my opinion and b) there’s an actual reason for her blandness (also I hope the networks are getting the message that hot sauce > white bread)


              Talk like a champion.


The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

“People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.”


                The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

                People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.


                  Progress steps of Justice Trinity

                    BREAKING NEWS: CDC confirms first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S.

                      so i started watching oitnb

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                        This month I made patterns from Youtube videos of flying animals! I marked specific points on the wing throughout one wingbeat, and drew in curves that fit all 15 points in the wingbeat loop. 

                        You can check out the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.

                          bat-machete asked "People gotta watch what they Sansay about Sansa otherwise you will Sanshut them down"


                            no seriously let’s lay this all out

                            • Sansa starts the series at eleven years old and is currently thirteen
                            • She is currently the successor to Winterfell, the Lady of Casterly Rock, in line for Riverrun and near to becoming the ruler of the Eyrie
                            • She managed to trick her abusive fiancé, who was the king into not killing someone 
                            • She survived over a year in kings landing whilst three of her family members died and three others had to run away believed dead
                            • She stayed strong and polite around those who killed her family, whilst slipping in some subtle insults
                            • She has managed to get some of the best fighters in Westeros on her side including Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Clegane
                            • All whilst remaining good and kind and compassionate

                            But no do keep telling us how naive and bad at the game she is


                              …..u really are related to riz