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Surprise JW stands for jDamian Wayne 

    Anonymous asked "People are absolutely allowed to speculate and theorise. It's part of the fun. I'm just saying getting too worked up about it, isn't going to solve anything."

    Oh I absolutely agree with you! 

      Yeah, xD On rereading it wasn’t as clear cut as my memory thought, but I had to link it anyway after saying that. I’d still say a returning Wally is obvious. We had that Jason tease as well in season 2, Resurrection for everyone!

      Haha I agree! I like hanging onto the hope of his return. And well, as you said, comic book characters never really stay dead forever :)

        Anonymous asked "I actually saw that original posting about JW when it was posted a day or two ago. (and to be honest I knew that it would explode in the fandom at some point) but in all honesty it doesn't matter who JW is. It could be a child or another dog or a hamster for all we know and we will probably never know. I don't think Greg will confirm or deny anything about it. So it isn't worth stressing over one way or another."

        Also not worth stressing over something that’s purely speculation. Give me the hard cold facts first and then I’ll burn those calories. 

        But are people entitled to their opinions and thoughts? Absolutely. It’s still good to read about how people would react to if it was indeed Artemis and Wally’s unplanned child. The psychology of the fandom is always interesting to observe. 

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          christopherjonesart.tum… Here ya go

          That’s just Chris saying “I have no idea but anything’s possible”. Not a stated fact. 

            itsxandy asked "Oh, just read about the video. Still, if it was, I would be so pissed. Again."

            Idk what to think now because that’s not enough proof for me. Speculation and assumptions =/= a clear statement, so while it’s kind of interesting to make headcanons and read people’s reactions, I’m beginning to sway towards the side of “is it their kid? maybe? maybe not? who knows? and thus i’m not going to waste any energy being pissed/excited/etc”

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              ….tell me JW did not stand for Jai West.

              idk that’s what the fandom thinks

                Wasn’t Wally like confirmed to be planned to return for season 3? So it would have turned out nice in the end.

                Was he? Do you have a link to a source?

                  give-me-all-the-breasthats asked "I just saw that CONvergence video, and I am so lost (AND EXCITE) but is there seriously a season 3 of YJ that's been confirmed?"

                  No Season 3 is confirmed :((((( I think that was just a fun thing they did with Greg. 

                  (Which makes me question the legitimacy of the whole JW-being-Wally-and-Artemis’s-kid thing)

                    Like one hand, yayyy beautiful Spitfire child!

                    But on the other hand, booo killing off her father for shock value and then leaving Artemis as a young single mother (not that single moms are bad but it’s just tough ok). 

                    BUT are we really just going off the one line of “Roy is babysitting Lian and JW” or is there more proof


                        The official CONvergence video is still forthcoming but if you can’t wait, here’s fan-recorded video of the Gargoyles/The Spectacular Spider-Man (TV series)Young Justice Radio Play from #CVG2014.

                        Update: JW is mentioned around the 25 min mark.

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                        JW The Mystery Child


                        JW was the confirmed Big Secret of Season 3 in the CVG video.

                        So who is JW?

                        Well, Greg didn’t say (saaaaaaaaaaaaad face) but I will use a little deduction

                        1. Roy was watching him/her, so she/he must be a child
                        2. Roy was watching him/her, which means he/she must be family. He has no siblings, so we can think that it could be his and Jade’s kid, or Artemis’s kid
                        3. JW is initials, so their LAST name begins with W
                        4. Only one character in the show has a W last name

                        So I’m going with it’s Artemis and Wally’s kid

                        i need a link of this video like asap


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                              When I was a kid reading HP I wanted to be like Hermione :)

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